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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cardstock Glorious Cardstock!

So...... I was placing a big ol' SU order last week and decided that I really needed to purchase the subtles collection or at least some of it. In the past I really didn't use the softer colors very much, mostly because I am a fan of darker, vibrant, brighter colors. But with the recent color rennovation I'm finding that I'm becoming more attracted to this collection. However, I didn't necessarily want full packs of every color. I have done ribbon shares in the past so I thought why not do a cardstock share? So I got in touch with my good friend Jayme over at Closet Stampin to see what she thought.... Well of course she thought it was a great idea (great minds think alike, right?) and here it is before the split. If you are in the same situation and dont want or need a ton of each color I would definitely suggest purchasing it this way :) this will give you plenty of every color plus allow you to figure out which ones you will use the most! Thanks for dtopping by!


  1. Plus, its better to explain to the hubster! "But I only spent $30 and got ALL this paper!!"

  2. Haha, sooooo true.... If they only knew our tricks. (shhhhh, dont tell)

  3. This is a great idea!


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