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Thursday, January 12, 2012

A little drawer makeover.....

Ok so here is a super easy tutorial. I'm sure its not original. But you know sometimes you want something and you just have to come up it with yourself. I purchased a cabinet (future post) and really wanted to line the drawers after repainting and replacing the hardware. Only problem; I couldn't find contact paper that I loved. I had damask in mind and its just not available. Trust me I looked. Quick instructions are below the pictures in the order that they appear......

Pic 1 Step 1: You will need to select a drawer that you want to line, for this particular project I had 6
Pic 2 Step 2: Sponge applicator and ModgePodge, I like to be able to throw the brushes out :)
Pic 3 Step 3: Apply a generous amount of Modgepodge to the inside of your drawer, make sure to cover the corners well so that your fabric doesn't lift up in the corners later.
Pic 4 Step 4: Measure and gently lay fabric in place and smooth out any wrinkles, the modgepodge will be wet so you will have time to get it just right
Pic 5 Step 5: Re-apply another layer of modgepodge over your fabric. This step is optional.

And there you have it! Pretty drawers on the cheap. I used maybe 1 yard of fabric, which is a heck of a lot less than I would have spent on contact paper and I can have any color I want. And the best part is it was very easy to do without the frustrating sticky contact paper adhering to itself.

Another suggestion is to use velcro dots, and just velcro your fabric liners in place, this makes it easy to remove and wash. Hope you enjoyed today's post :)

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